Custom Made Molded Rubber Products

Custom Molded Components

Custom molded components like Grommets, Hangers, Caps, Bushes, Foot etc., are made from injection moulding tooling based on customer drawings and specification.  Custom molded components are made in a wide range of elastomers with controlled parameters to provide superior strength, durability, chemical resistance, resilience, abrasion resistance etc.
Made from: Natural Rubber, CR, EDPM, FKM, Silicon rubber, NBR etc.

Rubber Bellows​

Rubber bellows are mainly used to provide a dust free atmosphere for shafts, Wires, brake master/slave cylinders.
Made from: EPDM, CR, NBR, etc.


Rubber washer/ gasket is a ring used in mechanical devices to prevent vibration from spreading one part to another, reducing noise levels. It is used to prevent leakage and is easily replaceable.
Made from: NBR, FKM. EPDM, CR, etc.


Seals with a specially developed sealing profile that actually provides twice the number of sealing surface than an O ring. Quad Seals provide lower friction than an O ring and resists spiral twisting.
Made from: NBR, and FKM & FVMQ, etc.

Metal Bonded Components

​The metal provides sufficient stiffness to the rubber so that the part can be mounted. The rubber equips the metal with elasticity and damping properties. Rubbers to metal products are used for anti vibration, shock absorption, etc. They are used in machines, automobiles, earth moving equipment, etc.
Made from: Natural Rubber, CR, EDPM, FKM etc.

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