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Sports industry has always a requirement for unique rubber parts and products. K R Industries cater to some specific needs from sports clients both national and international. Our esteemed clients have given us some rare opportunities to develop state of the art training kits which are very unique in make. There is zero margin for errors in these kits and K R Industries is very well equipped to cope up with these expectations of clients.

Our rubber parts are used in high-performance sports and recreation equipment. We are known for our expertise in designing and manufacturing sports training kits. Soft, tough and flexible are the characteristics of our material that is found in a host of sports equipment such as in:

Golf: The slip on golf club grips are prone to wear and tear if the material used to manufacture isn’t durable enough. The moulded rubber material is durable, is wear resistant and does not break easily.

Bicycles: We used to manufacture bicycle handle moulds and bicycle rubber parts.

Billiards: The balls used for the billiards game is for rough and tough play and hence the material too needs to be durable enough. Our rubber parts has strong, temperature insensitive, scratch free traits that makes it ideal to produce billiard balls of quality.


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